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This is for legacy updates? For everything else go to my simblr I guess.
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Hello hello! So several months ago, tragedy struck and I lost my sims 2 folder (aka one of my cats stepped on my laptop while it was open and managed to delete it) so I lost allllll the pictures from my legacy. HOWEVER, I had only posted up to 3.1 and it just so happened that I had put all the gen 2 sims up for download so I was able to recreate the Blackmoths and start over after a fashion.

Basically, just disregard the kids born at the end of the last update and we are good. This is where gen 3 really begins!

ok enough of that )
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I'm tired and cranky so right now is the perfect time to try and be funny online I guess.

a lot happens this update. i mean it )
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Bad news, one of my cats managed to delete my entire sims 2 documents folder soooooooooooo the Fruitbats are no more. Well, I shall finish up what I have for them and then they are no more.

However!!!! Even though I was on gen 5 of the Blackmoths, I only posted up to 3.1 and I have access to all of the sims except the little babs that were born in the latest update. Because I'm a smart cookie and uploaded them. So they shall continue, and what happened before will just be some sort of weird AU Blackmoth legacy that basically only exists in my head.
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Whoa hi hello I can't think of anything witty to say here so let's just get on with this update where I punish a serial newspaper stealer/trashcan kicker in what I thought was an amusing way

my isbi stats get to go up this time! )
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In this post, you can find downloads for all of the Blackmoths, except when a spouse was made by someone other than myself. Feel free to do whatever you want with them, just don't take credit for making them.

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I've actually made it to generation 3! It's kind of a miracle.

it's really really cold out right now and I hate it )

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My slow ass is finally posting another Fledermaus update! I believe this will be the second to last one.

so let's get on with it )
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Another update? With only a few weeks since my last one? INSANITY.

ALSO IMPORTANT CORRECTION! I said that the son born in the last entry was named Cashew. I don't know why, I think because as he got older he resembled a sim in a different hood that is named Cashew. But his real name is Marmalade.

anyway here's more of these fucking walnuts )
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I've actually been sitting on this update for over a week. Sorry!
This update gets them almost all the way through uni, so next update should be gen 3! In my actually gameplay I'm on gen 5 but I'm lazy about updating lmao

the easiest way to make uni interesting is ghosts. lots of ghosts. )
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Oh my god hello again, I'm on a roll today!
I love ISBIs so I started one. It's also a rainbowacy because why the fuck not. I'll be going through the colors of the rainbow, excluding indigo because my colorblind ass is NOT about to try and figure that shit out, but adding pink and probably black and white. All kids born to whatever color generation will have names that have to do with that color, the house will be decorated in that color, and when I can be bothered the sims will be dressed in that color.

meet the Fruitbats )
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It's been a while since I last updated so here's a quick recap of the last update

-Niobe became a werewolf.
-Darcy had trouble figuring out how to feed himself
-Niobe became not a werewolf because her wolfiness somehow erased her eyebrows and face spots
-Lucius got a couple of promotions
-Chaya had a birthday and rolled fortune/pleasure. She got a date from the matchmaker who turned out to be an adult so that didn't go well. But she ended up getting her first kiss and going steady with a "friend" from school whose name I forget.
-Darcy flirted a bit but didn't get as far as Chaya
-The Blackmoths moved into a new house
-Minu read some smut at the tender age of 10
-They got a new cat, named Meowbucket. Jerkface and Meowbucket had two kittens
-Niobe got a promotion
-Minu and Nevena became teens. Nevena rolled knowledge/pleasure and Minu rolled family/grilled cheese
onwards )
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Hello and welcome to another installment of the legacy that probably no one reads(but I dont care about that!)!

here we go )
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It's that time again! This update doesn't contain much picture wise because seriously EVERYTHING HAPPENS SO MUCH.

so.much.pee. )
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I've been trying to post this update for like a week lol

maybe this time i won't get called into work )
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Hey I'm actually doing it this time!

The lovely Rin was the winner of the gen 3 heir poll, so she has been transported into my game and now resides on an alien planet in a small town called Sparkle Bay.
onwards )
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Ok first of all I hate the way imgur is set up now I HATE IT
Second of all let's see if one of my legacies makes it past gen 2 lol I know I have a bad track record but ANYWAYS

here we go again )
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Wow look another thing I am doing! It is a legacy with my selfsim. Since my name is Sara, it is the Sara-acy.  Do not fear, the Bloodmoons will still be updated, I 'm going to do that this weekend. This was just because I was bored and I cannot promise there will be regular updates.

Onwards!! )


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