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last time:
-luna got pregnant again and gave birth to a girl named lace
-spectra aged up and is ADORABLE
-the bloodmoons moved into a new house
-michael got the most ridiculous tan i have ever seen omg
-a shit ton of sand castles were built
-lace aged up and was also adorable
-luna gets pregnant YET AGAIN

starting it off right with luna going into labor because why not


anyways, it's a boy. named kaz. because i was reading a dragonlance novel at the time pls don't judge me

luna and michael make really cute kids

that face is the only reason i don't cheat my way through potty training like i do with all the other toddler skills


that is not even subtle at all michael. not even a little bit.

someone rolled a want for a puppy so i obliged. this is taco.

birthday time! i actually got a cake which is rare for me, unless it's for toddlers.

she is basically perfect???

i think i called the matchmaker at this point?? she got sent iris kittenbottom and they hit it off. and then i later forgot that they were dating, but that won't be important until the next update

this cloud of dust was taco and batsy throwing down. batsy won.

two very different reactions to the fight

their outfits kind of match? and gosh iris is just SO PRETTY. she is the CAS spawn of a sim I made and Azaya's Tomato Gashlycrumb.


super nerds

i guess i didn't take many pictures of kaz as a toddler?

the bloodmoon children really enjoy games where they get to hit each other

also kaz has a very flat nose

this is all she ever fucking does

i wish i lived on the beach :(

michael went over to someone's house and fell asleep in his food and i decided to include it in this update because why not

spectra don't be rude

kaz continues to be adorable, yet boring

lace brought home iris's little sister, lux!

i don't know why the nanny is here i really don't

batsy and taco put aside their differences and became bffs

kaz is always stinky??? like always???

just witchy thingz~

the only time kaz will get in the tub is if it's to play pirate

i would not advise putting batsy that close to your face

michael has clearly not given up the fine art of spouse stalking

i'm gonna throw up

good job michael. that tan is still ridiculous.


i don't know what caused lace to make this face but it's adorable. and also sad.

oh wait i think it was the incoming puberty that made her make that face

romance sims oh god

she is also adorable. not that you can tell with this picture

ahhh there we go

and i will end this update with the boyfriend i made for batsy, kevin von purrington

ok that's it, thanks for reading!!
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