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I'm tired and cranky so right now is the perfect time to try and be funny online I guess.

a lot happens this update. i mean it )
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Whoa hi hello I can't think of anything witty to say here so let's just get on with this update where I punish a serial newspaper stealer/trashcan kicker in what I thought was an amusing way

my isbi stats get to go up this time! )
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Another update? With only a few weeks since my last one? INSANITY.

ALSO IMPORTANT CORRECTION! I said that the son born in the last entry was named Cashew. I don't know why, I think because as he got older he resembled a sim in a different hood that is named Cashew. But his real name is Marmalade.

anyway here's more of these fucking walnuts )
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Oh my god hello again, I'm on a roll today!
I love ISBIs so I started one. It's also a rainbowacy because why the fuck not. I'll be going through the colors of the rainbow, excluding indigo because my colorblind ass is NOT about to try and figure that shit out, but adding pink and probably black and white. All kids born to whatever color generation will have names that have to do with that color, the house will be decorated in that color, and when I can be bothered the sims will be dressed in that color.

meet the Fruitbats )


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