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Hello hello! So several months ago, tragedy struck and I lost my sims 2 folder (aka one of my cats stepped on my laptop while it was open and managed to delete it) so I lost allllll the pictures from my legacy. HOWEVER, I had only posted up to 3.1 and it just so happened that I had put all the gen 2 sims up for download so I was able to recreate the Blackmoths and start over after a fashion.

Basically, just disregard the kids born at the end of the last update and we are good. This is where gen 3 really begins!

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In this post, you can find downloads for all of the Blackmoths, except when a spouse was made by someone other than myself. Feel free to do whatever you want with them, just don't take credit for making them.

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I've actually made it to generation 3! It's kind of a miracle.

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I've actually been sitting on this update for over a week. Sorry!
This update gets them almost all the way through uni, so next update should be gen 3! In my actually gameplay I'm on gen 5 but I'm lazy about updating lmao

the easiest way to make uni interesting is ghosts. lots of ghosts. )
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It's been a while since I last updated so here's a quick recap of the last update

-Niobe became a werewolf.
-Darcy had trouble figuring out how to feed himself
-Niobe became not a werewolf because her wolfiness somehow erased her eyebrows and face spots
-Lucius got a couple of promotions
-Chaya had a birthday and rolled fortune/pleasure. She got a date from the matchmaker who turned out to be an adult so that didn't go well. But she ended up getting her first kiss and going steady with a "friend" from school whose name I forget.
-Darcy flirted a bit but didn't get as far as Chaya
-The Blackmoths moved into a new house
-Minu read some smut at the tender age of 10
-They got a new cat, named Meowbucket. Jerkface and Meowbucket had two kittens
-Niobe got a promotion
-Minu and Nevena became teens. Nevena rolled knowledge/pleasure and Minu rolled family/grilled cheese
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Hello and welcome to another installment of the legacy that probably no one reads(but I dont care about that!)!

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I've been trying to post this update for like a week lol

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Ok first of all I hate the way imgur is set up now I HATE IT
Second of all let's see if one of my legacies makes it past gen 2 lol I know I have a bad track record but ANYWAYS

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